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FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 7:00am PST
to a decision but congressional leaders know what the president would like to say. marco rubio issued a formal statement on this issue saying, it creates a special pathway that puts those that broke the immigration laws at an advantage over those who chose to do things the right way. explain that to me. >> the feeling among republicans is that in previous conversations about immigration reform and trying to move things forward that border security piece and making sure that it is tied to whatever occurs with the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants has been neglected. republicans have felt that in the past and they have been serious in suggesting that now whatever emerges in the form of some bipartisan legislation has to be seriously focus on border enforcement mechanisms and dealing with that first before you take about a specific timetable for a pathway to citizenship. that is the most difficult issue here and that is reflected in senator rubio's statement and that is the opposition's argument. >> jamie: clearly we haven't rybody and we will learn who is in favor and not and what co
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 10:00am PST
from tex texas. >> kelly: and g.o.p. lawmaker will visit jordan and israel, marco rubio. >> new details on the former l.a. cop whose deadly shooting rampage prompted a massive manhunt of the investigators revealing more about the last showdown with christopher dorner he had with police there. the ex-cop was on the run more than a week and ended in a shootout in a cabin at big bear. and adam, what is the latest. >> reporter: the sheriff revealed that every single one of his victims was ambushed. and the last two officers shot in the shootout on tuesday had no idea where he was. he'd abandoned that truck he carjacked and he had basically gone into a cabin. as they got out of their cars, he shot him. and we were able to see some of the weaponry, and a rifle a cheek guard that said vengeance and all of this as the cabin continues to sit there and just be a pile of rubble and we're told they believe that dorner shot himself in the basement as that cabin burned on tuesday, there are questions whether or not he may have been injured, that he may have been shot by one of the officers,
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 9:00am PST
senator marco rubio says that a leaked draft proposal by the white house would be "dead in congress." today on the sunday talk shows president obama's chief of staff said the white house hasn't proposed anything to capitol hill yet. in rhode island, they are marking a grim anniversary. ten years since the tragic nightclub fire in west warwick that killed 100 people. survivors and family members plan an afternoon service that will include remarks from the governor and former governor. the fire was started by the band great white's pyrotechnics. >>> a golf channel analyst tweeted that the president and tiger woods were playing with the owner of the floridian yacht club who also owns the houston astros. the president on a three day get away while his wife is skiing out west with their daughters. >>> if you are arrested but before you are ever convicted of anything should the government be able to require you to hand over a dna sample? the supreme court will consider that question later this month in a case of a man who was arrested for assault, forced to give a dna sample which linked
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
of a budget, the lack of a clear plan for our future and between rubio's response and the president's state of the union we are no closer to dealing with our large scale issues. >> you took the words from my mouth. did the president lack the opportunity or did he waste the opportunity to cast a vision? >> yes. what works politically is to go against your own type and standing. in other words, he is a liberal democrat. great. where he would be more effective is if he disavowed some part of liberalism. rather than doing that, he goes to the left even more. the things that doug mentioned, what he talked about, more investment and clean energy and infrastructure, we have a poll from rasmussen that shows this. the consequence of this is that the president's failing to move the country forward. which helps the economy more? more government cuts, 55 percent? more spending? only 36 percent agree with the president. >> the reason he changed from the inaugural address where he never mentioned the economy to the speech which was "about the economy" but was about bigger government and more spending, is
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)